about Nucleus Venctures nigeria limited.

The goal of NVNL is to develop a sound agro processing technology base in Nigeria, support agricultural based industries attain international competitiveness and sustainable development of rural areas while ensuring food security, poverty alleviation, and environment sustainability.

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To act as catalyst for the rapid industriliazation of Nigeria and the West Africa sub-region, especially to creat the impetus to encourage agriculture to move forward to Agro-business. We will always strive to be basically instrumental in assisting farmer, investors, andindustrialists to overcome the transition from subsistence to processing/production.


The company has successfully established itself in the following areas.

  • Investment consultancy in Agriculture, food processing, manufacturing
  • And oil and gas sectors of the Nigerian economy.
  • Design and fabrication of  agro processing and small - scale industrial machines.
  • Other specific areas of service include feasibility studies preparation, project set up management services, supply of cottage industrial machines, and automotive industries trading.
  • Production and supply of farm in puts such as seeds, seedlings, fertilizer and other farm inputs.
  • Financial Assistance prospecting and micro credit finance.
  • Commodity trading
  • Procurement and supply to industries in the Food Processing, manufacturing and petroleum and transport sectors.
  • Other services: Company incorporation, procurement of Export Licenses, Expatriate quotas and trade mark/name registration.
  • Training programmes and capacity building activities.

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