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Nucleus Ventures (Nig.) Limited (NVNL) was incorporated in 1987 by professionals and investment conscious Nigerians who were interested in development of the economy through activities that were geared towards investment creation in Nigeria, especially in the manufacturing, Agriculture, commerce and oil and gas sectors.  NVNL has at  its focus;  rapid development of Nigeria’s rural subsistent economy via value added processing, production and export marketing.            

It is no gain saying that a lot of economic problems facing Nigeria can be solved through the encouragement of investment in the Agriculture and Industrial sectors of the Nigeria’s economy.  A versatile and viral productive sector, will increase employment generation, increase gross domestic product GDP, foreign exchange conservation and reduce social vices.
It is against this background that the company was established   principally to encourage investment in the agro industrial processing sector of the economy.

NVNL assists potential investors in:

We also offer logistical to many NGO’S, CBO’S and cluster groups etc.

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  • Project Identification
  • Pre-Investment studies, reports, surveys etc.
  • Organization of Training programmes and capacity building
  • Business plans, viability\feasibility studies.
  • Technical\commercial studies.
  • Financial prospecting.
  •  Design, Fabrication and operation of  agro and allied processing machineries.
  • Establishment of Agricultural and industrial concerns.
  • Production and supply of Agricultural inputs such as seeds, seedlings, fertilizer, machineries and other farm inputs.
  • Project compliance monitoring, Evaluation, monitoring and control.

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